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Statement of Purpose

Everyone participating in RORE is a proud union member (RTA, BENTE, RAP). RORE is NOT interested in union busting. We all believe in the importance of unions and the labor movement. A UNION is a legal entity, required by law to represent and serve all members. It is not required to be democratic, except in a very narrow and formalistic way. A CAUCUS (such as RORE) is an informal, voluntary grouping of people with shared values and vision, whose goal is to move the union in a certain direction. No one is required to join and the caucus is not required to include everyone... it's a space for people who are with the program of RANK AND FILE Unionism: bottom-up, activist, progressive. Those who are in disagreement with this purpose or unwilling to see the validity in such a group are not in any way obligated to be a part of it. Please know that regardless of ideologies, RORE will fight FOR you, WITH you, and BESIDE you for the absolute best district our students deserve.

Steering Committee

Delaina Carraway
Rebekka Cranmer
Lianne Dupree
Carrie Gilroy
Meagan Harris
Ebony Mclarty
JaNiya Noble
Alicia Oddo
Kathryn Rebholz
Michelle Sapere
Alison Steixner

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RORE49United (at) gmail (dot) com


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