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Any member of RTA/RAP/BENTE in the RCSD can join RORE by making a minimum monthly donation of $5 and new members will also receive a RORE pin!

We also accept one time donations from all who want to see the Rochester City School District our students deserve! 

Our goal is to have a mobilized, active union that can effectively fight for our rights by giving all members a voice in their union (RTA/RAP/BENTE). We encourage all RCSD educators to join us in transforming our unions into ones that can lead the fight in advocating for a fair and equitable education for all our children while ending the profit-driven testing policies that harm teachers, students, and schools. Public schools are under attack, that is why we need a union that will lead the fight back. Each educator experiences the attacks on our profession differently: for some, the testing frenzy has dramatically changed their work lives for the worse. For others, the new evaluation process and life under a weak contract are the main concerns. Many of our members work under horrific and abusive administrators and that reality overshadows everything else. A strong, member-driven union that stands together with our communities is the only way to have the public schools we all deserve. The time is now to revitalize our educator unions to win the schools we all deserve.

Individual membership dues are tiered on a sliding scale based on annual income, which is self-selected.

Suggested Membership contributions (Click the link to sign up for your membership)

1 - Under $30,000           $5/month

2 - $30,001 - $50,000     $10/month

3 - $50,001 - $70,000     $15/month

4 - $70,001 - $90,000     $20/month

Or make a one time contribution as a supporter


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